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Relax, Minecraft server hosting has never been easier! At Provision Host we offer an all in one hosting solution, whether it is for personal or community use. Having already served thousands, many of which include the largest Minecraft communities in existence; we can only guarantee the quality of service you receive will be beyond your expectations.

Managed Minecraft Server Hosting

Hosting Since Alpha, Hosting Miners For Tomorrow! We are a leader in Managed Minecraft server hosting.

Where are your Minecraft servers located?

We currently offer 3 locations for our Minecraft servers which include Dallas Texas, Toronto Canada and London United Kingdom. You may select the location for your server upon ordering and when out of stock our default location is Dallas Texas.

How long does it take for a server to be setup?

Servers are typically setup within 30 minutes after order, however may take up to 24 hours due to fraud detection and the restocking of locations.

Can I use one of my worlds?

Yes of course, you may use a preexisting world that you have played with on your computer or you may even have us transfer a world from another Minecraft host.

Do your servers come with Bukkit?

Yes, all servers come with the option to install Bukkit with “a click”. We also fully support the majority of popular Bukkit plugins and can assist with the configuration and installation of them.

Can I install MySQLfor my plugins?

Yes, all severs are MySQL capable and you may submit a ticket at any time to have it installed on your Minecraft server.

Is the a control panel I can use for my server?

All server plans, except Dirt, come with the Enterprise version of McMyAdmin which is a web based control panel for managing your server. It includes a wide array of features including the start/stop of your server, backups, configuration and usage readings.

What is SSH/SFTP?

Secure Shell or SSH is a network protocol that allows data to be exchanged using a secure channel between two networked devices. SFTP utilizes the SSH protocol for file transfer to the servers. All servers come preloaded with root SSH access for complete control and flexibility with your Minecraft server. We do not set any restrictions on your server and you have the freedom to run your server however you’d like.

Can I upgrade my server?

Server upgrades are simple and automated and are completed without any dataloss or downtime to your server. However if you are looking to upgrade to a custom dedicated solution from us there will downtime due to the transfer of files.